Pureilo Fusion Restro

What is the first reaction when any Indian hear the word Gourmet Street Food; it’s WOW the yummiest style of food and a style of food that’s never experienced by Surti’s. Just by hearing the word water fills up in our mouth. But often we have seen these street side snacks being severed in a unhygienic manner. The PUREILO concept is to make these delicious ranges of Street Food completely hygienic but maintaining its original mouth watering taste. We at Pureilo want to spread the legacy of Fusion Food & Street food to reach the world in a hygienic and organized manner. At Pureilo outlets, you will be amazed by the variety in the menu in terms of Panipuri’s & Loaded Puri’s, Appetizers, Refreshing shakes, Sandwiches, Fries, burgers, Hand Rolled Pin Pizza and what not.You will find the lip-smacking and authentic food from across India under one roof and serving all different age groups.


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