Restaurant Consultation Services

Restaurant consulting services is the forte of PHR Restaurant Consultant. We have spread our wings from Gujarat in Western India to Central India and Southern India. We are credited of developing new & varied concepts for the investors which are different and unique in the concerned market. Being one of the top restaurant consultants in India we promise to endow our finest services and help fulfilling your dreams of running small QSRs to extravagant Fine Dine Restaurants, Casual Dining Restaurants & Bistros, Multi Brand Cloud Kitchens, and Modern Coffee Shops.

We help you right from the conceptualization stage, to planning the interiors, kitchen designing and planning, menu planning and food designing, hiring & training staff members, creating SOPs & implementing them to actual manage and maintain day-today operations. PHR Restaurant Consultant have excelled in all spheres of restaurant projects and operations. In the field of restaurant consultation business We are known for what we do and thus we are preferred as the Best Restaurant consultants in India and most trusted ones.

Concept Planning & Development

  • Name Brainstorming & Cuisine Concept Planning
  • Branding Identity & Logo Designing
  • Menu Designing
  • Restaurant Theme
  • Food Packaging Design

At PHR Restaurant Consultant, we feel that the concept of a restaurant is much more than the food on the menu. From your brand logo, concept development, signage board, packaging, uniform or menu design —everything demands a constructive consistency. That’s what we promise at PHR Restaurant Consultant, your one stop restaurant consulting and Restaurant Branding company.

We understand the elaborate facet of Concept Planning and Development, where we not only cater to assisting you find a suitable place but sit with you to brainstorm and zero down to ideas that shall go well with the place identified. Furthermore, the concept is developed keeping in mind the popularity of food type among the crowd and getting to know their detailed preference that shall bring in outstanding response.

It’s about determining the feel of the room, the flow of the kitchen, the guest experience, the number of seats, the ingredient sourcing, the equipment, and more. We understand how to turn a vision into a reality.

We all know the “location, location, location” quote, but if the concept isn’t there, nothing is going to save you. The concept is the all-encompassing tool that drives all activities and leads every single decision, long before birth, along the grand opening and beyond. Everything starts and ends with that; from your location and target clientele to cuisine, ambiance, menu, to employees, and managers, to branding, marketing, and customer experience. In a sense, the concept acts as the spine, around which your restaurant business operates and incorporates the vision, value, and ecosystem of your “brain child” brought to life.

“If you don’t have a competitive advantage, don’t compete.” Rahul Bhatia

Commercial Kitchen Designing

A superior kitchen design plan is crucial to the success of your establishment. It can “make or break” your business. As experienced & Award-Winning kitchen designing consultants, we aim to provide bespoke services wherein we help you set-up a commercial kitchen that is in line with requisite standards and is fully compliant with prescribed norms, quality and efficiency.

Our kitchen planning consultants will always endeavour to align with your needs and offer best-possible solutions in accordance. Our kitchen planning consultants take care of the kitchen operations, end-to-end. From the most up-to-date food service concepts out there, it practically covers all areas. Kitchen planning also include setting up the bakery & confectionery unit, the commissary, the hot and bulk kitchen area, the cold storage, cold kitchen area, service bars, dishwashing area, and any horizontal and vertical service engagements are part of our niche service.

When planning the layout of a commercial kitchen, these are required scope of work we undertake.

  • Kitchen Idea and Planning
  • Site Visit and Survey
  • BOQ and Budgeting
  • Ensuring Optimum Utilization of Space
  • Multi-Use of Kitchen Equipment
  • Electrical Points
  • Electrical Equipment’s Load Sheets
  • Gas Points and Burner Load Details
  • Plumbing Points
  • Water Points and Bifurcation
  • Civil Requirement Plans
  •  Exhaust and Fresh air Plans

Restaurant Architecture & Interior Designing

Our team have delivered many highly successful restaurant design projects, designed and implemented internationally. Services range from restaurant concept design, complete interior and signage package, furniture and layout, and contractor plans.

Interior designing is in our blood. Designing for a venue is not just a job to us, it’s our passion and an opportunity to make our mark in the market. Our expert panel of interior designers have developed over 3 million sq ft of furnished space and designed and executed over 2 million sq ft of space not only in restaurants but other venues as well. We measure our success by delivering our clients’ vision in the most economical, fastest, and viable way. We support our clients’ business in every aspect of design and operations so that they can run smoothly after we have left. So, PHR Restaurant Consultant is your one stop solution for restaurant design and execution because we focus on understanding and forging the unique image of your business, along with catering to your immediate needs and preparing spaces that can adapt to changing requirements in the future.


When you are setting up a new restaurant or going for a complete makeover of your restaurant, you would need the services of a proficient restaurant design firm. We can be your right choice because of the following reasons:

  •  We have some of the best designers who can create amazing restaurant interiors for your restaurant.
  • We can bring forth unique design patterns that have not been experienced by people before this.
  •  The rates that we charge for our services are in no way exorbitant in comparison to other designers around.
  • We complete the process within a fixed timeline and do not cause unnecessary delays.
  •  We have a rich experience of undertaking restaurant designing jobs and have done this for many restaurants till now.
  • We can provide customized designs also if you may so prefer. We are open to work on your ideas. We would be happy to introduce your personalized elements too.
  • We assure a complete customer satisfaction with some of the most creative design creations.
  • Our restaurant designers can do a complete makeover of even a small space available making the optimum usage in the process.

Menu Planning & Recipe Development

The objective with menu engineering is to maximize a concept’s profitability by leading the customer to certain purchases, and avoiding others, in addition to ‘engineering’ recipes to maximize profits at product and category level. Our consultants use your research framework to create new concept or channelize your menus, recipes and method statements based on your current concept. Each dish is costed and measured. The icing on the cake is the final styling and design of the dish. Our creative team work to ensure that the interpretation and style of the dish is delivered to maximise its market appeal. This service becomes more specific when clients already have their restaurant and need help to build their menu or change their menu or want assistance only in menu designing. At PHR Restaurant Consultant We can utilize our additional capability of being Chef Consultant too where we can give indefinite tips and solutions to your concerns and needs.

The stages are

  • Recipe/Menu Costing
  • Yield, food cost, contribution margin and Profitability
  • Categorization of menu items according to profit and popularity levels.
  • Menu design based on the theory of sweet spots, psychology of visual perception and attention by strategically arranging menu categories within the pages of the menu, and item placement within a menu category.
  • New menu design test
  • Analyse and improvise

Although you have a target overall food cost in your establishment, it is important to note that not every menu item will carry exactly the same food cost percentage. Some items are more costly than others, but our menu engineering plan ensures that your restaurant menu will have a range of prices that all the menu items fit into. Our menu engineering strategies help you to balance the menu so that the low and high food cost items work together to help you reach your target food cost.

Staff Training & Recruitment

It’s vital to the success of your restaurant and hospitality business to offer guests a positive experience right from the start. And restaurant service is where you can make the most impact.

We will help you and your team set the tone for front of house restaurant service which will guarantee a great guest experience, every time. We specialize in FOH training for restaurant staff, as well as hospitality training and hotel management training. We focus on positioning staff and aligning front of house restaurant and guest services to optimize first impressions in order to establish a positive relationship with guests. Our goal? Giving guests the best version of you and your team… from “Hello” to “Hope to see you again.”

  • Restaurant Orientation
  • Food Handlers Training
  • Manager / F&B Training Programmes
  • Chefs/CDP/Commis Training Programmes
  • F&B Service & Sales Excellence
  • Teaching Servers to Sell
  • Mastering Product Knowledge
  • Timing of Foods
  • Plate Styling & Presentation
  • Opening / Closing Kitchen Procedures
  • Selling more Appetizers & Desserts
  • Making Guests feel Welcome
  • Greeting & Seating
  • Restaurant Compliance
  • Position Training for the Grill, Fryer, Salad, Appetizer, Window person, Hot Station, Cold Station, Prep Cook, Dishwasher and Expeditor
  • Time and Temperature
  • Temperature Danger Zone
  • Preparing and Cooking Hot and Cold Foods
  • Food Safety
  • Cleaning and Sanitization
  • First In, First Out (FIFO)
  • Refrigeration Layout
  • Food Shelf-Life Chart

Brand SOP & System Formations

PHR Restaurant Consultant provides restaurant SOPs, Restaurant operating manuals consultation in any turnkey consultation for a restaurant setup. A restaurant business requires a preset list of rules and norms to work efficiently. The success or failure of any business depends on how well the needs of the customers are met and restaurant SOP or Standard Operations and Procedures helps restaurants deliver specific standards of service.

The restaurant SOP should focus on how you want your brand to look in the eyes of the customer. Things like hygiene of the staff, how well the customers are attended to, how is the food prepared, etc. is included in the restaurant SOP.

The standardization of operational procedures is needed to keep your business in check. They help in a smoother running of the market by giving crystal clear instructions to your staff about how to carry out their duties. The set of guidelines related to operational procedures also help in training your newer staff efficiently in much lesser time.


  • Standardization of Recipes
  • Main Kitchen SOP’s & Checklists
  • Front of the House SOPs
  • First in First Out (FIFO)
  • Front Office SOP’s
  • Wastage Reports & SOPs
  • Sanitization & Hygiene SOP’s
  • Human Resource & Management SOP’s
  • Mass Food Production SOP’s
  • PR Relations SOP’s
  • Bar/Mocktail Counter SOP’s & Checklists
  • Vendor Management SOP’s
  • Restaurant Store Inward-Outward SOP’s
  • Restaurant Inventory Management


We at PHR Restaurant Consultant develop the restaurant SOP’s specially customized as per your setup. SOP’s are different for every restaurant for instance a cloud kitchen doesn’t have a vivid/wide range of SOP’s like a normal casual dining restaurant. We train all the restaurant staff as per the SOP’s structure and make the entire process

Branding & Marketing Strategy

PHR Restaurant Consultant & Management has extensive experience in branding strategies. We understand that your brand is your reputation and your golden goose, so we’re dedicated to helping build the brand strategy you need to execute a successful brand that has a high mental shelf space with consumers. We guide you through the process so that you’ll know every step of the way, not just what, but why. We help you make decisions today that will have a positive impact on your business tomorrow and for years to come.

Our Brand Strategy Research Team will help establish and enhance your:

  • Brand Positioning
  • Brand Development Strategies
  • Marketing Plan and Media Strategy
  • Local Marketing Strategies
  • Implement programs to enhance mental “shelf space” and brand awareness
  • Review current marketing and advertising plans and evaluate their effectiveness or ROI Product
  • Merchandising and Design Marketing planning
  • Media strategies to include online, social media, conventional methods, and public relations strategy
  • Product Development
  • Product Labelling
  • Logo redesign or refresh brand attributes
  • Website, digital media, and social media programs

Vendor Supply Chain Management

As restaurant supply chain management consultants that have seen a wide variety of issues that arise in food chains, we have successfully adapted to each situation by creating an integrated supply chain management model and direct contracting with suppliers. Our comprehensive and proven methodologies provide a new approach to competing in today’s ever-changing restaurant industry, which will set you apart from your competition.

Our team experts are cutting-edge in many restaurants consulting services, including:

  • Scientific selection of every suppliers
  • Cost control for all restaurant procedures
  • Strategic sourcing of high-quality / low-cost goods
  • Contract negotiation with suppliers & vendors
  • Cold chain management
  • Vendor wise Data Management
  •  Categorized purchasing & contracts

Food Styling & Presentation

We have a dedicated team of professionals’ chefs who make everyday food a treat for the eye. Equipped with an eye for detail and love for food we make every recipe to thrill. We believe in diverse thinking and strive towards achieving the most effective food presentation & styling for restaurants. Our expertise lies in styling food for every type of restaurant be it fine dine restaurants and cafés, banquet styling, recipe development for food & beverage or anything other offered on our table.

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