Creative Food Presentation Is Need Of An Hour

The Indian Restaurant Industry is going through an evolution phase, where the habits of a consumer are changing drastically. There has been 360 degree shift in eating habits of an Indian consumer.

Now a days on an average an Indian consumer prefer to eat 1.5 times outside in a weekly basis, and this ration is going to increase rapidly in near future due to lifestyle changes. As compare to 10 years back where there were only limited options available today consumer gets wide variety of options because of many F&B outlets with varied food stuff popping up in the market. Initially only the taste was the success factor for many of these outlets, but now days the scenario is completely changing.

In today’s competitive market in order to win your competition you need to have many other advantages like Strong USP, Smart Marketing Practices, Unique Menus & Food Presentation, Best CRM Practices etc. to create a WOW factor among our guest and create our restaurant values in front of them.

In this current F&B market if you want to win over your competition then you must first study the area demographic conditions and based on that we need to plan Unique Menus with unique Food presentation and Styling. Restaurateur need to take a help of trade professionals who can work on their menus and help them to develop a unique Secret Recipes which can be that restaurant USP. Unique menus and presentation would create a brand image for your outlet and would help your business to stand out from your competition.

The author of this article Mr Rahul Bhatia is a Principal Director of Leading Restaurant Consulting Firm name “PHR Consultant” based in Gujarat and having projects all across India.

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