How Your Cafe can Increase it’s Revenue Without Selling More Coffee ?

This decline in people having their coffee out has largely been attributed to the longer-term effects of the pandemic, specifically how it has caused fewer people to commute to work, and that many coffee drinkers invested in fancy coffee machines while coffee shops were closed during lockdowns.

As a result of this, many coffee shops will have to start finding sources of revenue other than selling coffee just to match their pre-pandemic income.

Here, we will go through some ways that coffee shops can create additional income streams based on this shift in consumer behavior.

Offering Coworking Memberships at Your Coffee Shop

One type of business that has seen huge growth since the pandemic has been coworking spaces.

This is because many people who have been working remotely since the pandemic want a place where they can work on a flexible basis to help them create a psychological barrier between their work life and home life.

Coffee shops can tap into this growing market by creating a dedicated working space on their premises.

Coffee shops can charge a fee (either per-user or recurring) for people to use this space so long as they justify this by providing necessary amenities for working.

To be competitive in the coworking space industry, these amenities must include:

  • Ergonomic chairs with some sort of padded seat and armrests
  • Desks with a decent amount of space
  • Several plug sockets per person (ideally at desk height)
  • Good internet
  • The option to not have music piped into that area

Sell Coffee Making Courses

Sales of coffee machines to the home market rose by around 80% during the pandemic.

Many coffee drinkers want to take their home coffee-making skills to the next level and are willing to pay to have a professional help them do this. This could be an opportunity for coffee shops, considering that you already have baristas on your payroll.

To be able to offer these courses you need a:

  • Some dedicated space 
  • Extra coffee machines that you don’t mind suffering wear and tear
  • At least one barista who is passionate and charismatic enough to make a good teacher

Sell Healthy and Plant Based Drinks

Although people have started making their own coffee at home, they are still happy to go out for food and drinks whose ingredients are hard and expensive to source in small quantities.

Health foods such as smoothies and dishes containing superfoods are examples of these types of products that are expensive to make in small quantities. Coffee shops can therefore do well by selling these types of products.

The key to doing well with this type of pivot is in being able to position yourself as the go-to place in your neighborhood for a healthy drink or meal out.

Crafting a Unique Flavored Beer Menu

Crafting a Beer flavored menu and allowing people to drink it at your premises can be an effective way of increasing your coffee shop’s income during the typical quiet hours, namely after 4 pm.

While most coffee shops don’t really have the right atmosphere to start competing with pubs and selling tall glasses of ale on tap, they can cater to people who might want a glass of beer after work or a nightcap after dinner.

Since your target market for selling alcohol will likely be working people, you are most likely going to be able to do this successfully if you are located in an area where there are lots of offices and other non-retail or hospitality businesses around you.

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